Travelling Post-Coronavirus – The Future of Travel

With the coronavirus pandemic still present, you will likely have one question at the forefront of your mind – when will I be able to travel after coronavirus?

We are all watching the news each day, checking on how the current situation is panning out, with advice, guidance and restrictions on travel changing each day.

Whilst, of course, travelling is good for the soul and can aid business hugely, it’ll be vital after this coronavirus lockdown that we all travel carefully, adhering to the correct safety guidance.

In this article, we answer some of the common questions being asked currently regarding coronavirus and travelling.

Is it Safe to Travel Now?

If you are wondering whether you should travel now, the answer is no. Experts have advised that everyone should be cautious about non-essential travel, especially if you are at higher risk of serious complications related to coronavirus.

When Will It Be Safe To Travel Again?

It is likely that for the rest of 2020 and part of 2021, both the United States and Europe will continue to implement social distancing measures. Many borders will be shut, particularly to countries where infections are still present.

If you are wondering as to when you’ll be able to travel again safely, it’s vital you stay informed. The safe travel website of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the authorities of both your home and destination country.

Importantly, make sure you are prepared for any changes in your plans.

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When Will International Travel Resume?

When looking for safe international travel, take into account that some ‘safe corridors’ will be opening. These safe corridors could allow people from the UK to travel abroad this summer without having to quarantine. The countries included in this would be France, Spain and Germany. Though restrictions and health checks would still apply.

It is also expected that some countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Japan may reopen with very strict travel restrictions and checks.

Developing countries with large populations, where the spread of the virus could cause large and lasting problems will be highly restricted in regards to travel.

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Once Coronavirus is Over, What Will Travel Be Like?

In the next 12 to 18 months, it’s very likely that leisure travel will be close to home. From trends seen in countries with reduced infection rates, it’s been predicted that:

  • You will likely have to stay in the country, as international travel falls out of favour.
  • ‘Staycations’ and road trips will likely be favoured over flying or cruising, because if the lack of social distancing.
  • A softer economy will likely turn longer two-week summer vacations into long weekends away.

In regards to business travel, it had been predicted that:

  • Meetings continue to be remote as opposed to requiring an in-person presence.
  • There will be less large gatherings like conferences and all-employees meetings

In regards to air travel, airlines will have to follow guidelines set out by the region’s government, but it is likely that some will take on board further precautions.

In The Airport
Ryanair has already announced that passengers will need to check their temperature at home before leaving for the airport. They further warned that another test could be done at the terminal as a condition of being let on the plane.

They also announced that the Ryanair experience as a whole will become more digital, with customers needing to check-in online and use self-service kiosks for their bags.

This is likely something that will be adopted across the air industry as a whole.

On The Plane
It’s very likely that even after the pandemic, you will feel a sense of anxiety when travelling on a plane. Many airlines are discussing keeping the middle seat free in the hope of reassuring customers.

Leaving The Airport
Likely, one of the biggest challenges in air flight will be ensuring passengers know coronavirus-related rules in the country they’ve landed in.

How Can You Travel Safely After Coronavirus?

There’s no question about it, people will start travelling again after the coronavirus pandemic. Though, how can you ensure you’re safe?

Invest in a Trusted Travel Insurance Policy

A travel insurance policy will protect you for a range of unforeseen circumstances, including if a travel operator goes out of business.

Be Ready to Make Changes Last-Minute

The coronavirus situation is a fast-changing one, so it is important that you are ready to rearrange your travel plans according to the latest government updates. Also, make sure you are prepared to be quarantined if required.

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Choosing A Trustworthy Travel Insurance Policy

Getting the right travel insurance and ensuring you’re safe on your travels is vital, not only just for your health but also for your peace of mind.

Here at [broker_name], we’ll help you make sure that you have the right protection in place for your trip ahead. We’ll take the time to understand you and your needs to ensure you have the best possible cover. Enquire now for a quote.

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