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What happens when a new Evolve article is written?


It starts by creating a new post

Our team will add a title, an intro paragraph, add images and create more sections dependant on the page content.

Note: During this step the post is assigned various categories or tags, these reference the topics Brokers opted for when signing up for the Evolve package – posts will only be distributed to Brokers who have opted in on the topics assigned to it.



The post is then reviewed by our team

Our team will visually review the post just created on the front-end of the site to ensure the correct text is showing and images are present.

Note: there is a yellow button in the bottom right hand corner, once the post is officially “Approved” internally.



The post can then be distributed to the Brokers

It is now safe to send this out to all Brokers who have opted in on the topics assigned to this post.

The yellow “Approve” button has now changed to a green “Send to Brokers” button. Once clicked the site will cycle through each Broker and send the post to their connected website.

Note: this new post will be created as a “Scheduled” post, meaning it will not be visible on the Broker’s website just yet.


So far, so good, the post has made it to the Broker's website

As you can see, the new post is sitting on the Broker’s website as a “Scheduled” post – awaiting approval or rejection. Brokers will receive an email notifying them of the new post and what actions they can then take.


Email received!

Time for the Broker to take action – or not – the Broker now has 3 options…

  1. Review the post and manually “Publish” it.
  2. Review the post and manually reject the post if you do not believe it is relevant to your site.
  3. Trust we have it right and let the post auto-publish in 21 days

Note: if the Broker chooses Opt.3 they can carry on with their day.


Option 1 or 2

Following the link in the email, the Broker will be taken through to this website’s version of the post sits. The Broker can then review the post and decide what to do next.

Selecting the red “Reject” button will contact the Broker’s website and delete the post.

Selecting the green “Approve” button will also contact the Broker’s website but immediately publish the post, allowing it to be viewed on their website.


Success, the post is published

After selecting “Approve” the Broker will now see the post is live and Published on their website.