Do I Need Cover for Amateur Sports?


When it comes to professional sport, insurance is essential. Whether that involves clubs, individual athletes or sporting organisations; it’s widely recognised that insurance is required to financially protect institutions and individuals when in professional sporting sessions. Something overlooked is insurance for amateur sports, and because it’s not professionals playing or competing, having cover isn’t seen as something of high importance. However, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider insurance if you’re in an amateur sporting setting.

Cover For Injuries


With any level of sport, there comes a margin of risk when it comes to personal injury. From contact sports like rugby and football to individual events like athletics or cycling; an injury or accident could happen at any moment.


If you’re a working professional in an important job that plays sport at an amateur level, picking up an injury playing sport could seriously hamper your working life. This would be especially relevant if you do a physical job, or end up suffering a serious injury that keeps you in hospital and out of work.


If there’s someone or something to blame for the injury – something like a malicious tackle or the lack of adequate first aid – then individuals or organisations like amateur sports clubs could be found culpable for the injury and might have to pay damages. Having amateur sports insurance would ensure that the competitors and the clubs themselves are protected if an injured party wants to press charges.

Cover For Sports Clubs


There are a few reasons why you might want to consider cover if you operate or work for an amateur sports club. If you’re employed or self-employed by an amateur sports club, then you should be following the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to do “what is reasonably practicable to ensure people’s health and safety”. This means that any failure to meet this, which results in someone being injured in your line of work, would leave you liable. Having liability insurance can protect your or your club’s employees in their line of work.

A risk management strategy can be a good way to identify any risks when running a sports club, whilst also allowing you to plan for and mitigate these risks. Risk management can go alongside an insurance policy to help reduce the risk of a claim being required.

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Cover For Sports Venues


If you’re hosting sporting events, even if at the amateur level, you should look to have insurance. A sporting venue used by the public – such as a sports ground or a 4G pitch – will have a number of games and training sessions take place on it each week. And the more it’s used, the higher the chance of something going wrong or a player getting injured.


If a player gets injured on your 4G pitch and wants to sue for damages, then having insurance can protect you from that. Just like individual employees, venues should be following health and safety to ensure the venue and equipment are safe to use and that any damaged or failing equipment is regularly maintained or replaced. Insurance is also available for equipment, meaning you could be covered for replacement items if the insured originals are broken or damaged.

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