Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Looking After Your Fleet

Different from your usual personal vehicle insurance policy, commercial vehicle insurance will protect your commercial vehicle during work-related activities. Not only is such a policy required by law, but it is also an essential part of ensuring your business runs smoothly and that you have complete peace of mind.

No matter whether you only operate cars or vans, have a variety of vehicles or run HGVs for haulage, there is a commercial vehicle insurance policy to cover you fully.

What Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

By law, all vehicles used for business purposes in the UK need commercial vehicle insurance. Even if you only drive from one location to another. No matter how far, if you’re driving for business purposes, you need commercial vehicle insurance.

Having a standard, non-business vehicle policy will only cover you for social activities and commuting.

What Counts as a 'Commercial Vehicle'?

A commercial vehicle is a vehicle used to transport goods or materials, rather than people. The distinct feature of a commercial vehicle is the space to carry cargo and usually a towing, lifting or lowering function, or similar.

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What Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance Are There?

Just as with regular car and bike insurance, there are three basic types of commercial vehicle insurance available, varying the amount of cover they give you:


The highest level of insurance cover. This will insure you against damage to both your vehicle and other vehicles, no matter whether you’re at fault or not.

Third-Party, Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire and theft is known to be the ‘middle’ level of cover. It will protect you against any damage you cause to other vehicles as well as any fire or theft damage.

Third-Party Only

This is the minimum legal level of cover available in the UK. It will only cover the damage you cause to other vehicles.

Your commercial vehicle insurance cover will also be determined by how you use your vehicle:

Carriage of Own Goods

For example, if you are a builder and use a van for your work to carry tools and materials, you will need ‘carriage of own goods’ insurance on top of your policy.

Carriage of Goods for Hire or Reward

If you work as a delivery driver, then you will need additional courier insurance. This insures the goods you transport as well as your delivery vehicle.


If you’re a delivery driver who usually delivers one item over long distances, then you will likely need haulage insurance.

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Will Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover the Contents of Your Vehicle?

Commercial vehicle insurance will not necessarily cover the items you are transporting, it depends on the level of your policy and what you are carrying.

It’s best to confirm with your broker whether your policy covers the goods you carry.

Do Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policies Have Age Restrictions?

You will typically find that a commercial vehicle insurance policy won’t cover drivers under 19-21. Further exclusions may also be in place if you attach a trailer to your van.

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What Further Cover May Be Useful to You?

Having a commercial vehicle insurance policy will protect you financially against things such as accidental damage, theft and fire. Though, you may find it useful to add further cover for:


Further protect the tools you carry in your vehicle against fire, theft or an accident.

Goods in Transit

Cover any items you will be carrying against loss, damage or theft whilst they are in transport in your vehicle.

Multiple Drivers

Cover more than one person to drive your business vehicle.


Protect any trailer you attach to your van against damage, loss and theft

These options any cost extra, so it’s best to talk to your broker, but it’s important to ensure everything you need to work is covered.

Breakdown Cover

An additional part of commercial van insurance that is likely invaluable, is breakdown cover. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle breakdown, making sure it is back up and running again as quickly as possible is important.

You will be able to choose from various levels of breakdown cover, so you can opt for the right policy for you.

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However you use your commercial vehicle, it’s likely that it’s an important part of your working life.

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