A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Insurance

When it comes to the world of professional sport, a lot of money is involved. When major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics attract millions of viewers, and sports like football, cricket and tennis are played by billions all over the world, it’s easy to see why. And where there’s high value and high risk, that’s where sports insurance comes in. So what is sports insurance, what can it do, and why should you have it?

What is Sports Insurance?


Sports insurance is a type of insurance that can protect individual sportspeople and sports clubs from the negative impacts of playing professional, semi-professional or even amateur sport. This primarily falls under the guise of protection for injuries, as these have the biggest impact on athletes, but it can also be used to protect against legal action if you cause an injury, and also be used to insure sporting equipment too. Sports insurance is an important and essential thing to have if you play sports or run a club.

Individual Sports Insurance


If you’re a professional or semi-professional athlete that tends to compete as an individual, then the sole reliance for your success is on your own health and fitness. If you’re injured or unwell, then not only does that prevent you from competing, but it means there’s a significant loss of earnings that can be incurred. Not competing means missing out on potentially lucrative prize money, or at least enough money to keep your livelihood going, and not competing also risks losing sponsorship, which is a key income stream for any individual athlete.


One of the worst things that can happen to an athlete is being forced into retirement before they’re ready, especially if they suffer a career-ending injury. Whether you compete alone or as part of a team, having a serious injury that curtails your career can have serious financial implications as well as mental ones.


For example, if you’re an up-and-coming Premier League footballer who suffers a serious knee injury and has to call time on your career, or doctors spot a heart condition that makes it impossible for you to continue playing football, then the loss of future earnings is significant. By having cover for a career-ending injury, it means you’re protected in case the worst comes to pass, and can receive payouts after your career as an athlete has ended.


Sports insurance for athletes can also protect you from any legal action arising from injuries you cause competitors, which can be useful if you play a contact sport. You can also get specialist cover for equipment too, as some sports like cricket and American football require a significant investment in specialised paraphernalia.

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Club Sports Insurance


If you run a sports club, then you’ll be looking for slightly different protection than an individual athlete. Running a sports club comes with its own challenges, including managing employees and making money.


Having sports insurance can protect you financially from any risks that can occur as a result of sporting activity. So if you spend a significant amount of money signing and paying a player and they pick up a serious injury in their first training session, sports insurance can mean you won’t be left picking up all the pieces.


If you’re a sports club or organisation that owns a lot of specialised equipment, then it would be wise to have cover for it in case it gets broken, gets stolen or goes missing. When sport, especially at the grassroots level, needs all the help it can get to keep things running, losing a significant piece of equipment or apparatus can have damaging implications.

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