Using a Broker for Private Insurance Policies

Your car, your home, your health, your collections of art, jewellery or antiques – insurance can help protect them, or you, if something goes wrong. If you’re taking out a private insurance policy, a broker can help you find the right policy and help to assess your needs and coverage.

What does an insurance broker do?


Brokers are experts at matching individuals and businesses with the exact cover they need, at a competitive rate. Not only that, but an insurance broker can assist you with claims. Your insurance broker can:


Help you decide what types of insurance you need

Help you work out how much cover you need

Find the best policy to suit your budget


If you have a lot to insure, a broker is ideally placed to help navigate complex policies to make sure everything is adequately covered, helping protect you and your assets if something happens. 

Bespoke cover, tailored to your needs


Many people look to comparison sites to buy insurance. But, if your needs are more nuanced or the value of your property is higher than average, these policies might not provide the bespoke cover such assets require.

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Find the best cover


An insurance broker can sit down with you and go through your needs in detail, presenting you with policies that cover everything you need covered. Instead of having to go to a lot of different insurers to find the right cover, an insurance broker can talk you through each of the types of cover available. Unsure what cover you need? Talk to an insurance broker.

You might already be covered for some things in your existing policies, so a broker can advise you of this to make sure you’re not duplicating cover. 

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Find specialist cover

Brokers can help you find tailored cover, plus a range of additional features, benefits and enhanced cover options. Comparison sites might not cover specific things you want protected. Insurance brokers can source specialist providers that cover unique assets, such as particular antiques or properties.

Support with claims

doing most of the leg work to save you the trouble. And with their expert knowledge, claims are less likely to be rejected as they will know how to present them correctly and can act on equal footing with the insurer.

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Expert guidance


Insurance can be complicated. A broker will explain things to you in clear terms that make sense. It’s their responsibility to make sure you understand your policies and the cover being offered.

It’s a broker’s job to correctly assess potential risks and find the right cover, as well as advising clients on mitigating risk to avoid possible claims. So, working with a broker is good for you and good for insurers. 

Impartial advice


Brokers aren’t tied to specific insurers. They offer impartial advice and aren’t there to give you the hard sell on something that ultimately isn’t what you’re looking for.  For advice you can trust – go to a broker. 

If you’d like to speak to a dedicated insurance broker about private insurance for you and your family, contact [broker_name] on [broker_phone]. We offer impartial, no-obligation advice. Get in touch today. 

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