Including Buildings Insurance In Your Policy

Extremely important for homeowners, building insurance provides protection against a range of risks that you could face. It should never be the case that you’re out of pocket due to damage to your home that wasn’t your fault. A building insurance policy will provide you with the protection that you deserve. 

What Is Building Insurance?

Building insurance is a form of insurance policy which protects you from the financial losses faced when your property is damaged. This form of insurance commonly refers to the physical structure of the property and not the possessions found inside. 


A typical building insurance policy will protect you against the following: 


– Vandalism

– Flooding 

– Fire 

– Fallen Trees 

– Storm Damage


With every building insurance policy being different its crucial that you speak you your insurance broker about what your specific policy covers. 

Why is building Insurance Important?

You can never be certain about the future will hold. Although you may have taken the time to find a location where you and your family feel safe and secure, you cannot be completely certain that problems won’t arise. Building insurance offers you the total peace of mind that your home will be comprehensively protected.


Protecting your dream home may just be simpler than you would expect. Building insurance will ensure that your family home will be protected for generations to come. Don’t let unexpected damages come between the home you love. 


Accidents can happen and if the damage inflicted on your home was not your fault you should be entitled to claim for the repairs required. Building insurance allows you to claim back the costs of repairing the structure of your home ensuring that you are never left out of pocket. 

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Real-Life Example of Building Insurance

In recent years we have seen a number of catastrophic floods that have left thousands of homes flooded and heavily damaged. Without building insurance these homeowners may have been left to deal with these costs all by themselves. 


Those who have building insurance that covers the costs involved with flooding would have been fully protected. A claim would have provided them with financial protection to help repair the home and get the family back on track. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to floods and other unexpected weather patterns. Speak to a broker about building insurance today.  

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What Happens If A Storm Causes Damage Your Property

On a couple of occasions throughout the year, we are stuck with powerful storms which cause huge implications to our infrastructure and properties. An example of this is when a fallen tree damages the roofing on our home. 


The unexpected costs involved with these storms can be of a substantial amount leaving you at great risk if this work is not covered by your insurance. For those who live in coastal areas that receive the worst of the storms we see here in the UK, building insurance policy may just be the right option for you.

Building Insurance For Business Owners

It’s not just homeowners who require building insurance, business owners are just as vulnerable to these risks. As a business, you rely on a premise to operate out of, if this property was to be flooded or vandalized to a point where the structure was unsafe, you and your employees could be at great risk. 


Many businesses would not be able to operate if their office were to be closed. IT companies rely on a building to hold all of the technical equipment. Don’t leave your business vulnerable. Speak to one of our insurance experts today on – [broker_phone]

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Summary of Building Insurance

Protect your families home from the unexpected costs that the future could hold. Building insurance ensures that there is financial protection in place for circumstances such as flooding, storms and many other forms of damage that were not your fault. Enquire now about a building insurance policy to keep your home protected. 

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